The Firm

I have recently merged my practice with Saanichton Law Group.

I was called to the Bar in 1977 and practiced civil litigation, matrimonial law, criminal law, estate law and corporate-commercial law, with increasing emphasis on personal injuries.  I served for 6 years as a Vice Chair at the Workers’ Compensation Review Board (predecessor of WCAT, not the present Review Division) until March 1997, when I returned to private practice and focused on civil litigation and WCB.

By November 2002, I restricted my practice to WCB law on behalf of workers and Plaintiffs.  I primarily conduct reviews at the Review Division and appeals at WCAT, and Judicial Reviews, and provide expert opinions for court purposes and to the Law Society and to Plaintiffs’ counsel.

As Vice Chair at the Review Board, I decided approximately 1500 appeals, was mentor for new members, participated in several task forces, and prepared a Flow Chart of the WCB system.  The references in the Flow Chart require updating to reflect current law, but the general flow is still the same, with the exception that the appeal system was overhauled (see Overview section).

Since returning to private practice in 1997, I have acted as counsel in over two thousand reviews and appeals, and appeared in several Judicial Reviews.  Since 2002, I have been counsel for the Pro Bono Clinic for WCB referrals, and withdrew from the program earlier this year.  I have also presented several courses eligible for continuing education credits in which I focused on WCB matters.